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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Tips to help you organize the basement:

Ceiling storage:

Use the space on your basement ceiling to hang large items like bicycles, kayaks, or storage bins. You can install ceiling-mounted pulleys or racks to make it easier to access these items.

PVC pipe storage:

PVC pipes can be used to create custom storage solutions for long items like fishing poles, brooms, or shovels. Simply cut the PVC pipes into short sections and mount them to a wall or shelf.

Magnetic strips:

Use magnetic strips to store metal items like tools, paintbrushes, or screws. You can mount the strips on a wall or on the underside of a shelf.


Pegboards are great for organizing small items like hand tools, craft supplies, or hardware.

Shoe organizer:

Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door to store small items like gardening gloves, spray bottles, or cleaning supplies.

Label maker:

Invest in a label maker to help you identify the contents of storage containers, bins, or boxes.

Color-coded bins:

Use color-coded bins to group items by category. For example, all Christmas decorations could go in red bins, while all Halloween decorations could go in orange bins.

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