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Updated: Apr 27, 2023

If a well-rested night's sleep in peace and organizing your bedroom is what you desire, then you've come to the right place. A little bit of creativity combined with some neat tricks can help turn your bedroom into an oasis of organization.

  • Hang bulky items like coats, bags or jackets on hooks or in a coat closet near the door to get them out of the way and create extra floor space.

  • For clothes that don't hang easily on hangers, use vertical folding slacks organizers for trousers and sweaters for quick access and easy sorting.

  • Jewelry can be tricky to store – try grouping like pieces together in boxes or containers and adding dividers so they're easy to find when you dress up for an occasion.  Create more height storage with stacking bins or vertical folding racks for clothing.

  • Utilize colors - shelving with baskets and drawers that come in multiple colors, which will make it easier to identify where your items are located.

  • Add shelving along the walls or corner cabinets - whatever it takes to create additional space, so no item must be piled on another or left out of sight.

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